eglobal Central Odyssey

This is my story with the online store eglobalcentral.

In short:

Got the camera quickly on the 19th of August 2017. Took it with me on holidays and the display ceased working.

Back home, odyssey started:

  • On 26 of September 2016 I claimed the camera malfunctioning.
  • Two days later the first verification was through and I should send the camera in.
  • On 14th of October the Camera arrived in England.
  • Then came a long pause with some follow-up questions from me.
  • No valueable responses until I used the phrase “I’ll sue you” on 14th of Feburary 2017! That’s exact four months later!!!
  • But now the response is to refund me 461 EUR (later 488 EUR and how the heck do they calculate this?!) to my account at eblobalcentral to shop again at their site.
  • At last gave in for an refund of 500 EUR to my PayPal Account.
  • Until now I only have got a store refund and not a refund to PayPal.
  • Stay tuned…

Here is the full conversation (in reverse order, so start at the bottom!)

2017-02-16 18:48 | RMA-Fall 90041129
next option. I can agree with another compensation:
You sent the camera on the 17th of August 2017 to me, lets say I received it two days later (a rather optimistic estimation) on the 19th of August 2017.
My reclamation of the product not working was sent on 26th of September 2017. Thats 38 Days later.
You claim you are taking 8% per month to calculate the market value.

8% of 669 EUR (to take the selling price into value) are 53.52 EUR.
38 Days are an equivalent of 1.26 Months.
Thats equal to 67.80 EUR
So give me back a rounded 600 EUR to my bank account and not as a voucher to your store.

[Account information removed]

So please, please have the courtesy to accept this offer and move a littlebit. Elsewhen we really have to hand it over to the lawyers.

Kind regards,
Tobias Rödel



2017-02-16 18:22 | RMA-Fall 90041129


We are sorry to inform you that if replacement, that’s RMA Replacement Model not brand new (if available). We do not any RMA Replacement for your model now. Thus, the best offer we could provide is a store credit at EUR$488 to shop again on our website.

Please kindly let us know do you accept our offer. If okay, please kindly provide your email address for arrangement. Thanks for your understanding!




2017-02-15 15:24 | RMA-Fall 90041129



as far as I understand the warranty police, this is not your only option. Before the section you are montioning you write about replacement of products for which a repair is not economic. I don’t believe that a camera with a malfunctioning display is not repairable. Another X-T1 in silver is listet in your shop, so you have one available. So send it to me. I don’t mind another color.

Thanks for your understanding und kind regards,

Tobias Rödel




2017-02-15 10:49 | RMA-Fall 90041129
We are sorry to hear this but the best offer we could make is a store credit at EUR$488 to shop again on our website. The price we could offer is based on the market value of your camera now.

Regarding to the warranty policy, we will only provide repair service.

As we know the item is need more time for repair, therefore, we would like to offer you a store credit.

For more details of warranty policy, please visit our website:

– For non-repairable products (other than abused non-repackaging products) purchased within 12 months, eGlobal Central reserves the right to decide whether to compensate for a certain percentage of the value of the product on time of use with the Consideration (12 months maximum). The percentage is set at 8%, per month. For example, if the product is 1000 € and you use it for 2 months, the compensation is 846.4 €. The compensation is issued exclusively as an eGlobal Central credit note.

Thus, would you like to take our offer? Please reply, thanks!

2017-02-14 21:28 | RMA-Fall 90041129



Thanks for your reply.
How about you refund the full 669 EUR to my bank account
[Account information removed]
And we can forget the long time without replys and without camera and you are of course still in warranty time and try to steal some money from me. And if you refund my money immediately (speaking: the money is on my account by the end of February) we don’t have to part with lawyers on each side. Consider this the last reminder.

Kind regards,

Tobias Rödel



2017-02-14 17:59 | RMA-Fall 90041129


Thanks for your message!

Sorry to keep you waiting and we are sorry to inform you that your camera could not be fixed. In this case, we would like to offer you a store credit at EUR$461. Would you like to take our offer? Please reply and sorry for any inconvenience caused!



2017-02-14 04:25 | RMA-Fall 90041129


What is the status? If I have no valid tracking number until next weekend I’ll sue you.

Kind regards,

Tobias Rödel



2017-01-22 06:31 | RMA-Fall 90041129


What is the status?

2017-01-13 17:45 | RMA-Fall 90041129


Sorry for the long process time.

I will check with inspector side. Will inform you asap.



2017-01-10 17:06 | RMA-Fall 90041129


Would you be so kind and give me information what is taking so long? Before the return started my information was the process would take about four weeks.

2017-01-10 16:58 | RMA-Fall 90041129


Vielen Dank für Ihre Mail.
Der Artikel befindet sich noch im Reparaturzustand. Wird Sie informieren, sobald wir fertig sind.
Thank you for your mail.
Item is still in repair status. Will inform you once we finished.



2017-01-06 16:07 | RMA-Fall 90041129



it’s been nearly three months since you confirmed receivement of the camera. Christmas without camera is over (- bad)! Please give me a detailed status of the repair ASAP! And send me back a working camera. I don’t mind if it’s mine or a new one!

Kind regards,

Tobias Rödel



2016-11-16 13:46 | RMA Case 90041129


Vielen Dank für Ihre Mail.

Wir möchten Sie informieren, dass wir Ausgabe mit Ihrem Einzelteil und unter unserer Garantie bestätigen.
Die fehlerhafte Reparatur kann bis zu 4 Wochen dauern.
Wir werden uns mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen, sobald wir Ihren reparierten Artikel über dieses Ticket erhalten haben.
In der Zwischenzeit sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.


Thank you for your mail.

We would like to inform you we confirm issue with your item and under our warranty.
The faulty item for repairing may take approximately 4 weeks to be completed.
We shall be contact you as soon as we have received your repaired item via this ticket.
In the meantime, should you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

2016-11-15 08:42 | RMA Case 90041129



Dear Sir/Madam,

are there any news concerning the camera? You sent me the message a month ago, how long do you thing I will have to wait?
Kind regards,

Tobias Rödel



2016-10-14 14:27 | RMA Case (90041129)


Grüße aus eGlobal central (AT)./ Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

Wir möchten bestätigen, dass wir die Rücksendung erhalten haben, mit AWB# 732876742 .

Ihr zurückgehender Artikel wird derzeit untersucht, und wir werden Sie per Ticket informieren, sobald wir das Ergebnis haben.

In der Zwischenzeit sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.



2016-10-05 14:13 | RMA Case 90041129


Thank you for your information, We will update you once your return item delivered to us, thanks.



2016-10-04 16:17 | RMA Case 90041129


The camera is on it’s way.
CY732876742DE is the delivery status number and the delivery service is the German DHL.

Kind regards,

Tobias Rödel



2016-09-28 18:44 | RMA Case 90041129


Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

In Bezug auf Ihre Frage, sollten Sie Ihrne Artikel für die Inspektion / Reparatur unter 12 Monate Garantie Anspruch zurückgeben möchten, schicken Sie bitte Ihren Artikel mit Inhalt(wie unten) zu unserem Service-Center.

Bitte beachten, dass es eine Inspektion Gebühr haben, Reparaturgebühr und die Rückkehr Versandgebühr berechnet, wenn der Fehler nicht auf funktionelle Problem.

Bitte geben Sie auch die folgenden in Ihrem Rückkehrspaket:
– Kopie der Original-Rechnung
– Original-Paket mit allen Standard-Zubehören
– Kameragehäuse / Handy / Tablet – Batterie
– Bemerkungen auf welches Zubehör ist nicht in der Rückkehr Paket enthalten
– Sonstige Zubehöre

Ticket no. 90041129

Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Ihr Produkt in einem schützenden Paket senden, um Schäden zu vermeiden. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, dass Sie den Kurier / Post kontaktieren um für ein Upgrade zu machen. Falls Sie extra Schutz und / oder Versicherung für Ihr Paket brauchen. Jedes verlorene oder Schaden zu Ihr zurückgebrachtes Produkt haftet nicht für uns .

Sobald Ihren Artikel verschickt worden ist, würden wir vorschlagen, dass Sie die Zustand-und Nachverfolgungsinformationen zur Verfügung stellen (falls vorhanden) zur Beschleunigung des Rückkehrsprozesses.

In der Zwischenzeit sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.



2016-09-27 15:47 | RMA Case 90041129


I’ve already done a hard reset twice with no change.

Here you can have a look for yourself:

Kind regards, Tobias Rödel



2016-09-27 11:59 | RMA Case (90041129)


Bitte versuchen Sie einen Hard-Reset auf den Punkt zu tun, um jede Verbesserung zu sehen.

Wenn es keine weitere Verbesserung ist, bitte Fotos zur Verfügung stellen oder ein Video (zB: durch Dropbox / Google-Laufwerk), um das Problem, das Sie erwähnt haben, zu demonstrieren, danke.


Please try to do a hard reset on the item to see any improvement.

If there is no further improvement, please provide photos or a video (eg: through Dropbox / google drive) to demonstrate the problem you have mentioned, thanks.



2016-09-26 18:00 | RMA Case (90041129)


DanDanDanke für die Vorlage des Falls.

Zurzeit überprüfen wir Ihren Fall und wir werden uns mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen, sobald wir das erste Ergebnis für Ihren Fall haben.

In der Zwischenzeit sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.cht, uns zu kontaktieren. taktieren.